Throwback Thursday Kitchen 2014 – show up

Throwback Thursday Kitchen 2014 – show up

Dilly beans. Canned tomatoes. Homemade yogurt. Raw milk butter. Ginger green tea kombucha. Duck jerky. Sauerkraut. Herb-infused vinegars and teas. I make them. You eat them when I make them. You want to make them at your house. So you should.

Introducing the Throwback Thursday Kitchen series, a chance to show up for a hands-on, small group session to learn traditional food ways in a really low-stress, come-as-you-are classroom: my kitchen. The plan: to combine my years of experience teaching and doing these things with your curiosity and darned good sensibility to empower more people to infuse their kitchens with all the inexpensive, tasty, healthy, unprocessed, seasonal, amazing-tasting shit our grandparents ate all the time. Like it was normal, because it was.

Here’s the basic principle. Every other Thursday from June through October, I will host a participatory teaching session that covers a topic more than one person has asked me about in the past. A schedule appears below. You show up with a friend or just yourself and learn to be comfortable with whatever technique we’re focusing on that night. All of them will involve copious tasting, making, opportunity to ask questions (even the dumb ones), and usually something to take home with you, whether it be a healthy kombucha scoby, a serving of whatever we made, or a volume from my processing library (which currently includes three full canning equipment setups ready for the borrowing). In exchange, I’ll ask everyone to chip in what they’re able – a pint of berries for jam, a few canning jars, a bottle of wine to share, $5, etc. Topics – and what to bring – will be posted here and via the FaceSpace a week in advance. Come if you can, even if it turns into a last-minute call that day. If for some reason this thing attracts more than 8 or so people every session, I’ll ask for RSVPs to keep group size beneficial for everyone who comes. My kitchen and dining room aren’t huge, but they’re mine, and everyone who is willing to come and share space with other like-minded people is more than welcome.

Here’s the schedule. You better come.

Throwback Thursday Kitchen 2014

Thursdays at 6:30pm

June 5 – Kombucha & Switchel
Brew natural probiotic tea and the hydrating “farmer’s gatorade.”

June 19 – Vinegar, liquor, and simple syrup infusions – *** POSTPONED UNTIL LATER FALL!
Use citrus, herbs, flowers, hot peppers and more to flavor versatile liquids for cooking and mixology.

July 3 – Quick refrigerator pickles
Make pickled carrots, onions, beets, and more in less than a week, no processing needed.

July 17 – Jams
Apply a low-sugar, non pectin method to jam strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, plums, jalapeños…

July 31 – Dilly beans & basic pickles
Learn the cold-pack method used to make dilled green beans, crisp dill pickles, ginger carrots, gardiniera, etc.

August 14 – Yogurt & Butter
Turn raw or non-homoginized milk into easy homemade yogurt, yogurt cheese, and bright yellow butter.

August 28 – Canned tomatoes & salsa
See how canning tomatoes is the same as peaches, and how salsa is the same as chutney, relishes, etc.

September 11 – Jerky & dehydration
Dry meat into jerky, flowers and herbs into teas, fruit into easy snacks, and peppers into a perfect storage spice.

September 25 – Applesauce & apple butter
Welcome bushels of apples and pears into easy sauce and apple butter (without hours of stirring on the stove).

October 9 –  Lacto pickles & sauerkraut
Make crisp, lively pickles and ‘kraut with just veggies, salt, air, and time. We’ll touch on kimchi and kvass, too.

October 23 – Homebrew (w/ Kevin Karn)
Get ready for winter with a primer on brewing, fermenting, and bottling your own beer.

There’s also the chance that we could add some guest teaching sessions for things like pierogi and smoked meats if the kitchen set-up works.

Questions? Please hit me up in the comments section or get ahold of me separately.

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  1. Joanne Karn
    June 1, 2014

    Hi Honey I would like to come Thursday with my friend Carey Lebring Thank you


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